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Click on the montage to view my food and drink photo gallery.

Are you in the hospitality sector and need a hand in getting your amazing food and drink out there for everyone to see? I can provide words and stunning images for your social media streams, website and for use in media releases. 

Employing someone to look after this vital part of your business is really time and cost-effective. Just an hour a day across the week on social media can make all the difference in letting people see how mouth-watering your food and drink is! 

Are you too busy to retweet, like, share or respond to photos and great comments made by your customers on social media? This is free publicity, on a plate (pardon the pun!) - and shouldn't be allowed to go to waste. Get in touch if you'd like a chat over coffee to discuss how I can help. 

My food & drink photo gallery has examples of pictures I've taken as part of my work as a freelance content provider for the Plymouth Magazine, but most are photos I've taken at restaurants I've visited and then shared on social media. 

All the food and drink features linked below are also those which have been commissioned by Plymouth Magazine. They'll give you a taster of my writing. Click onto the images to see the features. My blog also has examples of my food and drink words and photos, as does my Facebook page.