Life stories

Everyone has a story to tell, but sometimes they need a helping hand to see their story in print. I set up Brilliant Autobiographies to guide people through the process: I carry out recorded interviews and put your words into a book. The most important part is to ensure it is YOUR voice speaking from the page, and not that of the ghost-writer. The books are printed in the UK on a short run basis, for you and your family and friends.


A fabulous, eye-catching way of presenting your story - or that of your family - is to have a pictorial, packed with photographs. The story is told in the captions. This is great for people with lots of photos dating back generations.

Memory Maps

A Brilliant Memory MapĀ© is a unique way of sharing your favourite memories, whether it is a potted life story or to mark a special occasion such as a wedding, anniversary, christening or retirement. If you are a wedding planner or a wedding venue, why not include this in your package? How about a Memory Map about your pets? Perhaps you run a business where this service can enhance your offering to your clients? Memory Maps are also a touching way to remember someone's life.

A Memory Map is a perfect way to showcase a local history or the story of an organisation or club - such as the one I have written about Torquay United Football Club - visit the page to find out more. If you manage an organisation or a tourism information centre for example, give me a call discuss large print runs for a map for retail. 

In 2016, I completed a Memory Map for the BBC to mark the official opening by HRH the Duchess of Cornwall of their refurbished South West HQ in Plymouth. A copy of the map, detailing the history of the BBC in Plymouth, was given to the Duchess. 

To find out more about all of these services, please visit my Brilliant Autobiographies website, linked from the image below, which is a small snippet of a Memory Map.