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Plymouth Argyle Women players

Plymouth Argyle Women FC pictured during the 2022-23 season

New general manager says Plymouth Argyle Women must aim for the WSL

The new general manager at Plymouth Argyle Women FC has already started to draw up plans for the future of the club, with the target of the players becoming semi-professional and then professional within the next few years and finding a home ground for the women’s team as soon as possible.

But Elaine Dalton-Fyfe, who became the team’s first ever general manager when she took up the post in October, says they face “huge” challenges on local and national levels, and that the growth must be done sustainably and in stages.

The women’s team comes under the Argyle Community Trust umbrella. At the time of writing, Argyle Women are 11th in the Women’s National League Southern Premier Division, which is just two tiers below the Women’s Super League (WSL), where England’s Euro ‘22 winners and other international stars play.

Chatting in the boardroom at Plymouth Argyle’s Home Park Stadium, Elaine says the long-term goal is to join the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, and Manchester United in the WSL: “You’ve got to have aspirations,” she said. “And we’ve seen this happen in the men’s game, where clubs can go up three or four leagues in three or four seasons.

“For us, if we remained in this league this season but finish higher than last season (10th), that’s a win. When you look at the league table, there’s not a huge disparity between the overall points, and the girls have been playing really well but have been unlucky in some of the games. So yes, we’re 11th currently, but if we have a run of two or three wins, we could jump up into the top half of the table quite comfortably. If we were promoted in coming seasons, I could see us then competing in the Championship for two or three or four seasons consistently, so that when we were able to reach the WSL, we could compete and be serious contenders. We need to do this in increments, very realistically and very sensibly.”